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Real World XX: Hollywood Wrap-Up, Episode #6, Greg Vs. The House

Episode #6 definitely made up for all the boringness of episode #5, and then some. The title says it all: "Greg vs. The House." He pretty much had beef with every member of the house (and a couple of people who don't even live in the house).

Greg Halstead is paranoid after Will and Reva are locked in the confessional
Greg has a small bout of paranoia when he finds Will & Reva locked in the confessional. But why does he even care? She's just an associate right Greg?

Greg vs. Brianna
So Greg brings home some "loose" women for himself and Dave, and the girls begin to hate like they always do. I thought it was funny how when Kim was going to take a shower, Dave asked if he could join her and she agreed. But then when Greg tells him that one of the girls is his, he completely forgets about Kim. That actually came back to bite him later. Anyway, one of the females says something about Bri who doesn't take nothin' from nobody and calls her a "whore". In the end, the girls (who had been naked in the hot tub) leave and Brinna & Greg have a shouting match. I found this funny because wasn't Brianna in the same situation last episode? She's screaming at Greg saying she hopes he catches herpes from his whores when she's over there sleeping with JoJo, a.k.a "HoHo." Well ain't that pot calling the tea kettle black...

Greg vs. Sarah
Greg, still upset that his girls were run outta the house, looks to take out his anger on someone a lil' less bout it than Brianna, and rolls up on Sarah (and her boyfriend Ryan who's visiting). Sarah and Greg have a shouting match of their own, but we only hear like half of it because it's laced with more expletives than Kurupt's verse on Dr. Dre's Xplosive (Warning: contains explicit lyrics). Man, they were goin' at it. I do think it's real funny how people are extra bold and will roll all up in people's faces in the Real World house. In any other setting there's no way Sarah's yelling at Greg like that. But because you get kicked out if you fight, all the cast members are walking around with an extra pair. It's kinda like crazy fans in sporting events who say and do all sorts of things to the players. At the end of the argument, Ryan came out and Greg quickly sonned him. I told y'all Ryan wouldn't step up...

Greg vs. Dave
I dislike Kim the most out of all the cast members. There's just nothing tight about her. She's the weakest girl, racist, and a major hater. She's such a hater, she should've been a member of the Playa Hater's Ball. Dave brings Justine back to the spot, and while they're making out, Kim is being a super hater and tells Justine's friend that Dave was messin' with those "loose" women a couple nights before. Dave gets heated when Justine and her girl bounce. And Greg, being the consummate homie that he is, tells Dave not to worry because Justine wasn't even that tight. Why would you say that?? Dave was so hype on Justine, and Greg just completely crushed him. But the thing is, Greg's "associate" Reva isn't that tight either. Anyway, Dave flips out and channels all the anger he had for Kim at Greg.

Will is pissed at Greg for lying about stealing Sarah's underwear
Will is pissed at Greg for lying about stealing Sarah's panties

Greg vs. Will
Greg & Will didn't really beef, but Will definitely started some beef-worthy ish. Sarah's brand new underwear went missing and everyone knew it had to be Greg (because who else would something so weird like that?). Greg vehemently denied taking them like he denied all the other random pranks. Later on though, wanting to be friends with Will, Greg admits to the other pranks, but not to stealing Sarah's underwear. But then when he was drunk at the club, Greg finally admitted to the panty thievery. Will gets heated because Greg lied to him and decided to get back at Greg. And the way he did was straight up astounding.

Apparently Greg's associate, Reva, has a lil' thang thang for Sir. William and is always asking the girls about Will. So at the club, Will games her up a lil' bit (so maybe he does have a lil' game in him), and ends up kissing her in Greg's plain view. I figured that that would be the end of the retaliation, but Will just decided to get real savage with it. Greg, knowing that Reva had kissed all up on Will, still invites her back to the house, and Will swooped in on her again. While Greg was preoccupied, he and Reva were up in the confessional doin' some thangs that surpass the rating of this blog. I dunno exactly all that went down, but I do know that when they showed a shot of Greg trying to get into the confessional, there was a big black box covering up Reva's unmentionables. Wow Will, I didn't know you had that in you.

And then at the end of the episode, we find out that Reva's a lil' liar too. She tells Greg that she and Will were "just talking" in the confessional room when they wouldn't let him in, and he actually believes her! What the heck?!?! You saw her kissin' on Will in the club and then they barricaded themselves in the confessional room and you still believe her? This dude's entire swag has been totally fake. He's feenin' over a semi-average female that he knows kissed on his house mate. That ain't playa at all homie.

And if you thought this episode was crazy, the next episode looks even crazier. Will & Dave have finally had it with Greg and they gang up on him tryna get him to fight. Will definitely hits Greg will the ultimate low blow though. I really wonder how it's all gonna shake out...

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