Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gotta love an HBCU

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)Over the weekend, me and the homies were having an argument over Stacks brunch about the ratio of women-to-men at historically Black colleges & universities (HBCUs). There's this folklore that the ratios are crazy like 12-to-1, but I find it hard to believe. ANd that's not just because I went to Stanford where it was basically 1-to-1. I've never been in an HBCU for more than a couple of hours so I cannot personally attest to the ratio, but from talking to many guys who have attended HBCUs, it certainly feels like the ratio is 12-to-1 to them.

The main reason that I couldn't believe that the ratio could be 12-to-1 (or anything close to that) is because of what that translates to in terms of student population. For there to be 1 male for ever 12 females, that would mean that less than 8% of the student body is male. To put that into actual numbers, if there are 2000 students at the HBCU, only about 150 of them are guys while 1850 are ladies. That seems amazing (if you're a dude), but highly unlikely.

I did a bit of research on the gender breakdowns at some of the top HBCUs: Clark Atlanta, Howard, Hampton, Xavier (Louisiana), Dillard, Florida A&M University, etc. The school with the highest ratio is Clark Atlanta which is nearly 3.5-to-1. Xavier was close with about 3.25-to-1. Howard, Hampton and Dillard all over were 2-to-1. The average across all the schools was around 2.25-to-1.

So how are dudes claiming that ratio feels like it's in the double digits? I really have no idea. But what may bridge the gap from the supposed 12-to-1 to the statistical 2.5-to-1 may be the fact that a chunk of the males in the HBCU are homosexual. So when you disregard them (since they have no effect on pullability), then maybe the ratio is somewhere around 6-to-1.

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