Friday, July 25, 2008

So what happened to Day 26?

It was exactly 3 months ago when Day 26, Danity Kane, Diddy and Donnie Klang reunited for the Making the Band 4 Season 2 finale. Danity Kane had just dropped their sophomore album, Welcome to the Dollhouse, that week and Day 26's self-titled debut album was due out the following week. Donnie's album... well that was supposed to be coming out some time in the summer (we're still waiting).

Making the Band 4, Season 2: Danity Kane, Day 26 & Donnie Klang
The entire cast of Making the Band 4, Season 2: Danity Kane, Day 26 & Donnie Klang

Danity Kane actually became the first female group in Billboard history to debut #1 on the charts for both their first and second albums. They sold 236,000 copies of Welcome to the Dollhouse in their first week. The following week, Day 26's album topped the Billboard charts with 190,000 units sold. Since then, they have also released their 2nd single entitled "Since You've Been Gone". The song is definitely tight. I don't know why it doesn't get much love.

There were talks in the works of a 3rd season of Making the Band 4 that was going to follow the "Making the Band 4" Tour (that also included Cherri Dennis), but I've been struggling to find any confirmation as to whether or not that is still happening. Six of the 13 tour dates were canceled due to "scheduling conflicts" so I don't know if they'll have enough video to even do a 3rd season.

But if the 3rd season doesn't happen (I really hope it does though), we do have a somewhat decent replacement. If you didn't know already, Affion Crockett and John Nelson did a series of high-larious spoofs of season 1 of Making the Band 4 (see part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4). Well they've finally returned with spoofs of season 2 and apparently there's going to be many more episodes this time around. I would suggest watching the first season of spoofs before the newly released part 1 of season 2:

The actresses they have playing Shannon, D. Woods & Aubrey look just like them! Although it looks like they didn't even try with Dawn or Aundrea. But if you feel like you really can't live too long without Diddy on your TV, he has a new reality show called I Want to Work For Diddy and it airs August 4th at 9PM EST/PST on VH1. The extended trailer seems really intense too. I think I may have to blog about that show instead of From G's to Gents. I guess we'll see...