About Ben

Ben Ilegbodu is a Jesus follower (aka a Christian), a husband, and a father of 2. He lives in Pittsburg, California with his wife Rashida and their daughters Simone and Avery.

Ilegbodu Family

Ben is currently a Senior UI Engineer and manager of the Frontend Platform team at Eventbrite (@Eventbrite). He originally joined the Listings team at Eventbrite in May 2015, tasked to revamp the event details pages from an archaic MySpace-style design to a modern, fully responsive layout.

Prior to Eventbrite, Ben spent nearly 9 years at Zazzle (@Zazzle) where he started out as an entry-level UI Engineer straight out of college and grew to eventually become its UI Architect. At Zazzle, Ben implemented multiple iterations of the product details pages and design tools as well as architected and developed Zazzle’s server- and client-side UI framework.

Ben attended Stanford University and received both a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science with an HCI concentration. His strong computer science background, coupled with his HCI training and passion for building web sites, has provided him with a unique set of skills where he is able to get nitty gritty with hardcore back-end developers as well as work through challenging UX issues with designers and product managers.

Ben’s main focus is in building rich user interactions on the web. He’s having fun learning & playing around with React and its ecosystem.

Ben’s complete resume is available on LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter at @BenMVP. Fork him on Github. Track his speaking engagements. Watch his speaking videos. Ask him anything!