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Accessibility-driven styling

17 December 2020 · 1 min read

  • Previous post about design systems talked about wanting to maintain consistency

    • One way is through a style system if UI tech isn’t the same
    • At SFIX we’ve got Rails & React
  • Style system is SASS mixins (clever!)

    • Downside of style systems (like Bootstrap & Foundation) is that the HTML (and JS is left to dev)
    • Additional downside w/ mixins is that they work best w/ single element
  • Example: text field

    • the input, a label and a (error) message
    • we had to put the label after for the mixin to work
  • How do you handle states?

    • Hover and focus states are easy because of pseudo classes
    • What about an error state?
    • Would be easy in React, just add a class when that state happens
    • But what about mixins?
    • Use ARIA attribute for the styling, which enforces devs to have proper accessibility to get visual effects

Keep learning my friends. 🤓

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