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Dev Projects

Ben's active and past development projects

Ben Ilegbodu

My personal website where I include blog posts focusing on frontend technologies, my past and upcoming speaking engagements, videos of past talks and 3-hour training workshops called “minishops”. It's built with Next.js & Material-UI, running on Vercel.

Shopping AI

A conversational AI chatbot that helps you search through a store' catalog using natural language. It uses Open AI's Functions API. It's built with NextJS, Material UI and the Open AI Node API.

NBA Player Tiers

A fun app for NBA fans to rank who they believe are the top 25 players in the NBA. Fans can publish their “ladders” and share them. It's built with NextJS, Material-UI & Firebase, running on Vercel.

Rep Yo City

An e-commerce store built on the Zazzle shopping platform to provide designs representing cities, states & countries from around the world on shirts, mugs, hats, bags and many other types of products. It's built with NextJS & Material-UI, running on Vercel.


A highly-opinionated, zero-config CLI for consistent “divops” for my Typescript-based libraries. It provides commands for testing (TypeScript / ESLint linting / Jest unit testing), running in dev-mode (with Jest in watch-mode), building into several build targets (Babel / TypeScript), and running integration tests.

Bart Salmon

A mobile web app to help BART riders increase their chances of finding a seat on the train by providing information on “backwards routes” so that they can get on the train at an earlier stop. Most useful in Downtown San Francisco.

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Ben Ilegbodu

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