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New React useOpaqueIdentifier hook coming soon

A quick overview of the newly implemented useOpaqueIdentifier hook and when you would want to use it

April 17, 2020 · 3 min read

As announced by Josh Comeau on twitter today, React in a future version (v16.4.0 maybe?) will have a new utility hook called useOpaqueIdentifier:

I’ve always needed a safe function like this in React to auto-generate the id of a input field so that I can associate it with a <label>’s for attribute for accessibility and usability purposes. We could use a global running counter or worse, just a random number, but with server-side rendering there was never a guarantee that the ID generated server-side would be the same when the app hydrated client-side. If there is an ID mismatch, then the UI would have to re-render.

So in theory, when the feature is stable, we would use useOpaqueIdentifier like so:

import React, { useOpaqueIdentifier } from 'react'

const TextField = ({ value, onChange, label }) => {
  const id = useOpaqueIdentifier()

  return (
    <div className="text-field__root">
      <label htmlFor={id}>{label}</label>
      <input type="text" id={id} value={value} onChange={onChange} />

export default TextField

Until the feature is stable, it’ll be accessible via unstable_useOpaqueIdentifier on the experimental releases of react:

import React, { unstable_useOpaqueIdentifier } from 'react'

The same hook could be used to generate an ID to associate a non-<label /> with an input using aria-labeledby.

I was wondering what the “opaque” part in the name is supposed to signify. The hook was originally named useUniqueId, which is basically how it’s mainly going to be used. So I asked about it:

And of course Twitter came to the rescue:

I still feel that useOpaqueIdentifier has crossed the line into being too “technically correct” where it doesn’t convey the actual use case. However, I’m still glad the feature exists! 🎉

Keep learning my friends. 🤓

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