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Zero to React with Hooks Minishop

An introduction to React to learn the critical concepts needed for building modern React applications using hooks

React is a JavaScript UI library that makes creating reusable components easy and efficient. It’s critical to understand the fundamentals of creating custom configurable components, fetching and maintaining state, and rendering UI based upon that state and component configurations.

Maybe your team is taking on a new React project and you want to get a handle on React development before your kick off the project. Or maybe you are just starting off your development career and want to learn React in order to increase your job opportunities. Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while, heard so much about React, and finally want to see what React is all about.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll leave the minishop with all the fundamentals you need to build your own modern apps with React using hooks.

Get ready to…

  • Write configurable, reusable and composable components
  • Use JSX syntax
  • Work with the “Virtual DOM”
  • Handle user interactions and synthetic events
  • Maintain application state using hooks
  • Make API calls using hooks
  • Apply component styling
  • ..and many more tidbits and nuances of quality React development

You’ll need to have…

  • No prior experience with React is necessary! 🙌🏾
  • Experience building web user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript DOM APIs
  • Experience with modern JavaScript syntax and asynchronous patterns like Promise & async/await

This minishop may not be for you if you…

Code of Conduct

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What are “minishops”?

Minishops by Ben Ilegbodu are fully-remote workshops that last about 3 hours. They’re highly-focused, covering only the concepts you want to learn so that you can level up your skills and get on with the rest of your day. By keeping it short, you’re able to absorb and retain the information before fatigue sets in and other distractions get in your way.

To learn more about minishops, read the Introducing Minishops blog post.